About teaching in my life 

There is so much that I love about teaching! I discovered this passion when I was a child. I had to teach my sister mathematics. :-) This is when I started to unconsciously experience the power of teaching. My mother was also an example for me as she raised me and my sister in an environment where we always had her as a mentor by teaching us the piano.

Later on, after starting to learn the flute, I started to become more and more autodidactic. In addition to regular lessons with my flute teacher, I started to develop a self-discipline in teaching myself.

During my university, I started to teach in a music school in Romania and gained experience, teaching 10 pupils between the ages of 6 and 16 years. In 2014, when I moved to Switzerland I faced a different perspective on education and thus a different perspective on teaching: different methods, different learning rhythm, etc. I enjoyed it a lot and it motivated me to learn the culture of the country, the importance of music as part of early education. While I was following my masters studies in pedagogy, I completed several internships at the Music School of Luzern and the Konservatorium Winterthur. I also started to teach flute and piano in the private field, with both children and adults as students and recently, I launched an educational project intended to introduce music lessons in big companies. I offer their employee workshops, group lessons, and many other entertainment musical offers.

What I love about teaching

   =>It gives me the opportunity to change something in someone`s life and maybe to even shape a dream

   => It is continuous education; I always learn new things through my teaching

   => It allows me to share my passion for music

   => I have to face different challenges because of the diversity of people I encounter (different nationalities,       different personalities, different philosophies, different ways of learning and most important different 


   => It allows me to be creative and express myself

   =>There is always something going on; this keeps me energized and motivated

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